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Intellectual Property Litigation


Baylor Evnen provides legal services to clients in the evaluation, review and filing of copyrights, trade names, trademarks and service marks under federal and state law. Protection of the valuable business assets created by the use of intellectual property may require litigation in the federal and state court systems, to safeguard our clients from infringement by competitors or disputes over the proper use of intellectual property. As a member of ALFA, Baylor Evnen can consult with and provide clients access to excellent law firms in other jurisdictions when appropriate.

We provide consultation to clients regarding the use of trade secrets, trade practices, appropriate employment agreements, and evaluation of insurance coverage to protect the clients regarding intellectual property matters.

There is nothing more precious to our clients than their good name and business reputation. Vigilant attention to the intellectual property of our clients preserves and protects the value of both name and reputation. To maintain those values, litigation is an essential business tool.

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